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More Than One


Doing something completely alone is almost impossible.

It's always better to have more than one.

Intentional constraints


This is a huge topic for me. I've been introduced to this notion of intentionaly constraining yourself in this episode of Focused, of my favorite podcasts.

Those who now me well know that I am a bit of a productivity tool geek. For the past 1.5 I've been constantly looking for the best one. I always thought that be most automated, non-linear, all-in-one tool would make me the most productive.


But God was I wrong.

Standard Notes, which is the one tool I've been consistently using during the past five months is "the app to rule them all" for me.

And the best thing about all of this is the fact that Standard Notes is probably the least-advanced tool that I've ever used on a daily basis.

Simplicity is king. Intentional constraints make you stronger and smarter.

One Step Forward


So, time has come for me to rewrite my daily habit list.

I've added three, removed one. Total is 14 habits a day. Every day.

Each one of them is a small step forward.

Reenvisioning a masterpiece


Jose Gonzalez, one of my favorite music artists, recently went on a tour around Europe with a supporting band called The String Theory.

I know Jose's music very well. His minimalistic, yet very powerful style is one that I really like.

The album, called "Live In Europe" was recently released. In it, many of Jose's well-known songs are presented in a very different way. First of all, there are now string instruments backing his leading acoustic guitar, but there's also a real, huge drum kit, and some electronic effects have been added.

But I love it. Songs that for me were already masterpieces have now become even more fulfilling. This notion of perfecting what is already great is something I'd like to explore more.

Jose's YouTube channel:

Spotify link:

Live In Europe link:

The Other End Of The Rope


Parliamentary election results, here in my country Poland, are in. Someone won, others lost. Some got into the parliament, some didn't.

But there's one thing that's worrying me a bit; more radical parties got in.

The Left (literally the name of the party) got in with an astounding 12% result.

The Confederacy (ultra right wing, very nationalist) got in with a smaller, but still impressive 6% result.

While different views and opinions are definitely needed - they help make the country a better one, the rope pulling contest that politicians love will only make our country more divided.

Ok, I'll go live my life now.

When Push Comes To Shove


In yesterday's issue of my newsletter I wrote about commitments.

But what about responsibilities?

All of us have many different responsibilities of various kinds. Work, family, taxes etc. But how often do we try to escape some of them?

Nah, I don't want to do it today.

Everyone's had that moment at least once in their life when it comes to responsibility.

And it's totally ok. Everyone has the right to not be enthusiastic about what they have to do.

But, the problem is that it's awfully easy to make this mindset a recurring one.

And then we wake up when it's too late. When push comes to shove.

This Past Week #21


Every week I'm doing a "recap" of the stuff I shared here. One key sentence from every post. Plus a few things I'm currently reading/watching/listening to. Enjoy!

Key sentence

Monday - Stubborn as those garbage bags that time cannot decay.

Tuesday - Unless we change, there's no growth.

Wednesday - In ups and downs we exist.

Thursday - Heck, life's hard.

Friday - It's easier to see the shadows.

Saturday - What is one thing you can remove from your life that would improve it?

Recently watched

If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like Music Videos - Tom Scott [] (re-watched)

Currently reading

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull
Three Continents to Freedom by Sandra Lundin

Listening to

Eric Clapton - Layla (Live) - []

Africa - Angel City Chorale - []

We're Shameful Animals - Deeply Curious []

Wish you a great weekend and see you tomorrow!

Cut away


What is one thing you can remove from your life that would improve it?, James Clear

For most of my life, I've been a "hoarder", a collector. Always wanting more, never letting go of things.

This notion of minimalism - achieving more by having less is still pretty fresh to me. But I've fallen in love with it instantaneously.

Enjoying life


We love doing things that we enjoy, don't we?

Going to the beach for a whole day with unlimited supplies of good wine sounds like a paradise, right?


We love setting conditions for being happy, pleased with life.
I will be happy when this happens.
She'll be happy whenever she dumps him.
I'm going to be happy only if I make a million dollars.

Isn't that purely stupid?

Why can't we just enjoy the fundamental, ever-existing beaty of life?


It's easier to see the shadows.



Merriam - Webster Dictionary:

Definition of proficiency
1: advancement in knowledge or skill : PROGRESS

A few months ago I debated what does it mean to be a master?

Now, I can't stop thinking about proficiency. What does it mean to be proficient in something? How do you exactly become that?

Some people say:

Go follow your passion

Others say:

Do what you're good at, not necessarily something you love

Where's the balance?

What's more important?
Success or Proficiency ?

Heck, life's hard.



It's a magnificent moment, isn't it?

Especially when it happens with other people around.

Everyone feels so... accomplished. After hours and hours of hard work, finally things start making sense. Now, you can move forward and realize your dreams.

But... is "progress" only going to happen through breakthrough moments? Or is there a more "stable", "linear" way.

I don't think there is. No matter how hard you try, humans are not machines. In ups and downs we exist.

A Change Of Perspective


Let's be honest:

It's really easy to get lost in life. If we stay in the same position for longer, things will stop making sense. Unless we change, there's no growth. Without growth life becomes meaningless.

I've written about this both on this blog and in other places before.

Every. Single. Time.

Every time I get lost, a change of perspective suddenly makes things clear and meaningful again. I just can't stress enough how important it is. Maybe, that's what I want my "main message" to be.



Stubborn as those garbage bags that time cannot decay - Leonard Cohen, Democracy

This Past Week #20


Every week I'm doing a "recap" of the stuff I shared here. One key sentence from every post. Plus a few things I'm currently reading/watching/listening to. Enjoy!

Key sentence

Monday - So, I'm saying farewell to my place, because it'll never be the same again.

Tuesday - Commitment is key to success.

Wednesday - All is one.

Thursday - Subconsciously escaping the now.

Friday - Where are you going?

Saturday - Snap.

Recently watched

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, 2011, Directed by David Gelb.

The Problem with Time & Timezones - Computerphile (

Currently reading

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

Listening to

III by The Lumineers (

#389: Neil deGrasse Tyson - The Tim Ferris Show (

Wish you a great weekend and see you tomorrow!

Snap Back Into Reality



I'm back.

During the past five days I've had an amazing opportunity to spend time with some of my best friends, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Oh, and we were volunteering for an amazing community that helps disabled people.

And yea, no cell phone signal. Thanks God.

I have a lot of thoughts, ideas that I need to think about more,

but at the same time I'm more at peace with the universe than I've ever been.



What's your destination?

Where are you going?



Are you here?

or are you living there?

Not now. Either back in the past, or forward in the future.

Subconsciously escaping the now.



All is one. One is all.



I had to walk 1.5 kilometers to publish this.

Commitment is key to success.



I'm leaving.

I'll be away from home for some time. I'm planning on going back, but still saying farewell.

Because when I come back I'll be a different person with a different outlook on the world.

So, I'm saying farewell to my place, because it'll never be the same again.